Welcome 2021. A late Happy New Year from me.

December left me in uncertainty with regards to my flight training. Due to the continuous capacity issues at my school, it is now decided that I will have to move to Texas for 10 weeks. I feel quite vulnerable and it has been a though decision to make, but my other option would definitely not make me feel better either. But personal feelings put aside, I need to think of my progress and what is best for my training right now. Whatever that is. I just want to get it over and done with.

Anyway, out of the options given to me, it feels like flying in Texas is the right solution. I will stay in Norway until further, but not be allowed to start my flight training. All single-engine training will be done in the US, and thereafter I can go home to Norway for all multi-engine and simulator lessons.

I still hope for this year to be better than the previous, with less setbacks, nice weather both in Norway and in Texas, and most importantly a vaccine to help us fight the coronavirus.


Finally, it was my turn to complete and pass all 14 ATPL exams. What a relief.

Last week I completed Principles of Flight and this week I did General Navigation. The two subjects I have struggled the most with, but by not giving up I managed to learn and understand these subjects as well. I just needed some more time to digest the material.

It feels surreal to cross the theoretical finish line after over one year with (almost) constantly studying. My shoulders and neck are in desperate need of a massage or two, so that is how I will celebrate.

The ATPL theory is hereby a closed chapter, and I am off from work for a while now, so I will go home during Christmas. Time to do fun stuff instead of studying polar curves, dead reckoning navigation, and the ground effect. I will make sure to go cross-country skiing, watch some more of the Crown, and last but not least, continue to wait patiently for the government to allow my boyfriend to cross the border. I have longed for this Christmas for months and finally, it is here.

Merry Christmas from me!


After waiting for months, it was eventually time for CAA exams again. This sitting was originally scheduled in March, but then corona happened and the student life was paused for a while. Finally done and it feels good to close the never-ending second sitting chapter.

Now we are allowed back to school again for lessons in the three remaining subjects. Aircraft General Knowledge, Instrumentation, and Performace. And to be honest, everyday life is pretty underestimated. Fun to be back on track. 😄


December has been all about charging my batteries for the challenges that await me in 2020.

The most beautiful there is.

I haven´t done too much, but luckily I´ve had the time to visit both Robin in Gdansk, my mum on the west coast of Norway and my dad in winter wonderland. Pretty much covered it all.

I’ve enjoyed my mum’s homemade food, spent time with family, been out skiing and I’ve eaten loads of Christmas candies.

Moving on to one of the highlights of my month off. I luckily got to hang out with some of my former colleagues on my way from SVG to OSL. It has been quite a while since last time I jumpseated. So much fun to see how much more I understand now, compared with before I started my flight training. Such a motivation boost aswell.

Early morning at OSL.

Robin is arriving later today, and we will head to the cabin for New Years’. Another chance for both of us to relax, and most importantly, I will try to learn the Swede how to do cross-country skiing!

On Friday it´s time to go back to Sandefjord already and next week it´s back to school again. Time flies. Ciao!


Instagram is by far my dearest social media platform and one of my biggest inspiration sources. It also boosts my motivation whenever I need it.

If you´re ambitious and an Instagrammer I guess you´ve seen these guys before, but anyway. Here are my five favorite aviation accounts which for sure will make your Instagram feed complete. Each and one of them unique and creative in their own way. (Too bad I do not have any helicopter people on this list, but if you know any heli accounts worth to check out, let me know).


1. the_bassen

2. @aeromanu

3. @lumix_aviation

4. @syjorgen

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Longing for better days . Days like this .

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5. @500kts

That´s it for now. I hope you´ll enjoy these accounts as much as I do!


My name is Frida, I am a 22 year old girl and I am born and raised in Norway. I love spending time in the nature, I love to travel and I am very fascinated by the aviation industry.

I have now worked as a flight attendant for 2 years. Already before I started as a FA, my dream and goal was to become a pilot. During the last two years I have used my days in the cabin to soak up as much advices and information as possible, to learn more about being and becoming a pilot.

Even though cabin life is slightly different from the pilot life behind a closed door, I feel I have some kind of understanding of how the aviation world looks like.

«Every fairytale has an end» and this will be my last summer in the cabin. In August I start my pilot training.

I started this blog to share my journey from being a flight attendant to become an airline pilot. I want to be visible for the next generation of pilots and I hope I can inspire other future pilot students with my story. This blog will easily give you a little of everything; the everyday life as a FA, travel tips and later on the pilot student life.

You can follow my journey on Instagram aswell, @fridajakobsen.