The last weeks have been busy with flights and preparations for my first progress checks, refreshing theoretical knowledge, and chair flying my maneuvers. I passed both my phase 1 and my phase 2 check and that means I got cleared to do my first solo flight Saturday morning.

The morning was a bit cloudy, but around noon it cleared up and we could go flying. I had two laps in the pattern with my instructor before I was left alone.

I was super nervous at first when my instructor jumped out and wished me good luck. But once I started rolling everything was perfectly fine. A crazy feeling and a lifetime experience taking off all alone. An unforgettable moment.

Three laps in the pattern with full-stop landings went fast and I really look forward to going for my solo navigation flights gradually.

Yellow is now my favorite color and this is my spirit aircraft. N24522 aka Bumblebee holding my hand on my first flight alone.

In between flights, I am enjoying what the Texas weather has to offer and life on the other side is pretty good nowadays. I feel privileged to be here.