The flights were pretty much on time and we arrived Dallas more or less as scheduled. Such a beneficial routing with only one short stop in London. Customs and Border Protection when landing in Dallas was just fine.

Saturday we had a some orientation at school and got to meet some of the instructors which all seems very welcoming and friendly. Excited to get started.

The Cessnas at Denton Enterprise Airport.

The first day at US Aviation Academy was originally planned to be Monday already, but this might be cancelled due to a snowstorm coming in. Totally fine for me, still trying to adjust to living in a new time zone. And by Friday the coming week, the weather luckily seems to improve a lot. This does not really affect our flight training yet either, as we are scheduled with ground school this first week.

Next up is to wait for our doctors appointments to get our FAA medicals. Other than that, staying in while watching the snow melt.

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