After a short visit to the embassy in Oslo my visa got approved directly. The whole process was somewhat smooth and uncomplicated. The perks of having a Norwegian passport. This means I am ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean for some fun and flying. The departure day is tomorrow morning already.

I have some more «good» news as well. Robin got laid off a few weeks ago, which means he was able to come to Norway. We had not seen each other since September, so it has been a pleasure to finally have him here. Eventually some luck for us. Actually we were quite sure we could not meet before my scheduled departure to the US. So, some weeks of bonus time with my favorite, and we have had an amazing time in my hometown in perfect winter conditions. Happy me.

At this moment, me, my bags and the paperwork (which is a lot!) are ready to go. I have also got a fit-to-fly certificate proving that I am COVID-negative. Fingers crossed for a smooth journey. It has been a pretty long time since my last long haul flight, let us hope I still remember how to do it. 🇺🇸

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