Welcome 2021. A late Happy New Year from me.

December left me in uncertainty with regards to my flight training. Due to the continuous capacity issues at my school, it is now decided that I will have to move to Texas for 10 weeks. I feel quite vulnerable and it has been a though decision to make, but my other option would definitely not make me feel better either. But personal feelings put aside, I need to think of my progress and what is best for my training right now. Whatever that is. I just want to get it over and done with.

Anyway, out of the options given to me, it feels like flying in Texas is the right solution. I will stay in Norway until further, but not be allowed to start my flight training. All single-engine training will be done in the US, and thereafter I can go home to Norway for all multi-engine and simulator lessons.

I still hope for this year to be better than the previous, with less setbacks, nice weather both in Norway and in Texas, and most importantly a vaccine to help us fight the coronavirus.

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