Finally, it was my turn to complete and pass all 14 ATPL exams. What a relief.

Last week I completed Principles of Flight and this week I did General Navigation. The two subjects I have struggled the most with, but by not giving up I managed to learn and understand these subjects as well. I just needed some more time to digest the material.

It feels surreal to cross the theoretical finish line after over one year with (almost) constantly studying. My shoulders and neck are in desperate need of a massage or two, so that is how I will celebrate.

The ATPL theory is hereby a closed chapter, and I am off from work for a while now, so I will go home during Christmas. Time to do fun stuff instead of studying polar curves, dead reckoning navigation, and the ground effect. I will make sure to go cross-country skiing, watch some more of the Crown, and last but not least, continue to wait patiently for the government to allow my boyfriend to cross the border. I have longed for this Christmas for months and finally, it is here.

Merry Christmas from me!

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