I have officially made it through ground school. Today was the last day of our ATPL classes. Aircraft General Knowledge, Performance, and Instrumentation are all done. In total 14 subjects are covered, and only some CAA exams left. Almost exactly one year since the first day at the academy.

The next CAA sitting will take place in September and should have been my last sitting. Regrettably, since I failed two exams during my very first sitting, I will use an extra sitting to re-do those. Anyhow, I will first focus on doing my best for AGK, PERF, OPS, and INST this time. It is a time for every purpose, I guess.

One year with a full-time theory schedule has been pretty exhausting and time-consuming. Still some time left before my exams, so I will not have to rush any preparations yet. First of all, I will enjoy some well deserved days off.

Tomorrow I will head to my second home, Gdansk. It has already been 7 months since last time, the pandemic combined with classes has made the commute a little fancy. Lucky to finally be able to go.

I am excited and very ready to continue this journey and learn how to fly for real. Fingers crossed for the weather this fall, and no more pandemics, please.

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