Already the end of February. Once again, time flies!

School is going fine and so far I´ve enjoyed the subjects. We have already finished both Radio Navigation and Meteorology. It has been so cool to know and understand more about the weather phenomena occurring around the world and to reflect on how much a pilot´s life revolves around the weather.

And by the way. A few weeks ago we got a little sneak peek of the B737 simulator during RNAV class. Mostly to take the theory into practice. Excited for what the future holds!

Nowadays my days are spent reading Air Law and Flight Planning. Mostly it´s about plotting charts and learning laws and regulations. When finishing the two subjects it´s time for CAA exams again. Before that, I am ready for some more weeks of hard work and dedication.

Some days Robin is flying by Torp and that’s an own little motivation to see him land and take-off through the classroom window. My favorite pilot 👆🏼🥰

Weekend is almost over and tomorrow it’s back to business. Ciao ciao ✈️

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