The first months at school have been very intensive. We have lessons from 8 to 15 every day except weekends. Weekends are “off”, but that does not really mean off, because all available time is spent on studying. Not much (or any) time left for other things.

We are now almost done with all of the subjects for this semester. We are through Human Performance and Limitations, General Navigation, Principles of Flight and VFR & IFR communications. Before we start on the last one, Mass and Balance, we have had one week of self-study.

I went straight to Poland after our progress test on Friday. Long time no see, and it has been so, so nice to be here. Absolutely perfect with an environmental change. I really miss being here more often, Gdansk (and this apartment) has my heart. I do not want to go back yet.

My batteries are now fully charged and I’m ready to get started with Mass and Balance on Monday morning. So far so good and I am still a happy student!

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  1. hello frida! i love your blog, its very cool that you are going to school to become a pilot.

    i really want to be a pilot too, but i am too young right now. hope you pass the exams. love your blog!!!!!

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