Wednesday last week was my first day at school. And I guess most of you know what that feels like. The first day was all about orientation, information, and uniform fitting. We ended the day with some relevant maths for aviation personnel. 

Thursday we had some more orientation, study methods and a safety course. This was also the first day in our uniforms. Friday we just uploaded our documents, medical and passport, and then we took some portraits to our student ID.

This Monday we started with the theory. Our first two classes are General Navigation and Human Performance and Limitations. So that’s what all my days basically have consisted of. We are finishing the whole theoretical part before we get to fly. Eat, sleep, read and repeat.

Next week we have our first progress tests, and I hope I´ll become best friends with the navigation part during the weekend.

From a permanent job, with a safe and sound everyday life to a completely new student life in an unknown city, with unknown people. It has been kind of weird, but I guess it takes some time to get used to this new life. Anyway, the last weeks have flown by.

After three weeks as an unemployed (haha), I am happy to make me some normal routines again though. Actually, I appreciate being back in Norway (for now), with no need for Google Translate in the grocery stores. 😀

All in all, it´s exciting to finally be a pilot student!

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