So this journey has come to an end. Last week I did my last flights as a cabin crew. I started my day where it all started in 2017, in SVG, flying six sectors between OSL and SVG. Landing (almost) on time on the sixth. Ended my last day in the best possible way, with a ride on the jumpseat in the cockpit on my positioning flight back to OSL. 

I’ll miss my fantastic colleagues, even though I think I´ll keep some of them forever. I’ll miss the daily interaction with the other crew members. I’ll miss working shifts, having days off in the middle of the week. I’ll for SURE miss my short but memorable visits to the cockpit. And I must admit, I’ll miss my standby tickets. Alot.

Thank you for all the conversations. Thank you for all advises in life. It has been a fairytale and I’ve learned so much not only about other people but most of all about myself. Thank you Norwegian.

I remember especially one thing from my cabin crew training. I told myself to never go back to the simulator at our training department as a cabin crew. And luckily I never had to do the recurrent training in the sim again. (It’s done every third year, and I should have done mine in January next year). By the time it was my turn, my goal was to have a plan on where, when and which flight school to attend. 

It feels a bit scary to leave my comfort zone and my safe place, but it’s about time to move on. It’s now two weeks left until school starts, and I am both curious and very nervous about becoming a pilot student. But I can’t get what I want if I’m not willing to risk. Let´s get this done. 😅

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