The first step from being a cabin crew to become a commercial pilot: the medical class 1 examination.

To operate as a commercial pilot an EASA Class 1 Medical Examination is one of the requirements. Just to make sure you’re fit to fly, and like everything else in the aviation industry safety is always the number one priority. This is also most likely one of the most important obstacles to pass before you do anything with your upcoming flying career.

My medical examination took place at Flymedisinsk Institutt in Oslo. By then, the only Aero Medical Centre in Norway (now it’s two).

I started it all with some paperwork, completing a form about previous medical history, current medicines, about hereditary diseases within the family etc. Remember to be honest about this part.

The tests are conducted by a number of examinators, specialists in each field, and in between these visits, it’s a lot of waiting.

When my paperwork was done, I delivered both blood- and a urine sample. They checked my vision, monitored my ECG, I did a lung function test, they tested my hearing ability and the last part was a physical/general health examination; for example, testing my balance, reaction time and mental state.

And finally, after almost 3 hours of testing (and waiting) at the AMC I got my medical certificate. Such a relief and from now on I have to renew my medical every year. Anyhow it’s quite nice to have my health checked once a year.

You can find the two AMC’s in Norway here,

and if you want to read about EASA’s requirements you can read more here.


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