Welcome 2021. A late Happy New Year from me.

December left me in uncertainty with regards to my flight training. Due to the continuous capacity issues at my school, it is now decided that I will have to move to Texas for 10 weeks. I feel quite vulnerable and it has been a though decision to make, but my other option would definitely not make me feel better either. But personal feelings put aside, I need to think of my progress and what is best for my training right now. Whatever that is. I just want to get it over and done with.

Anyway, out of the options given to me, it feels like flying in Texas is the right solution. I will stay in Norway until further, but not be allowed to start my flight training. All single-engine training will be done in the US, and thereafter I can go home to Norway for all multi-engine and simulator lessons.

I still hope for this year to be better than the previous, with less setbacks, nice weather both in Norway and in Texas, and most importantly a vaccine to help us fight the coronavirus.


Finally, it was my turn to complete and pass all 14 ATPL exams. What a relief.

Last week I completed Principles of Flight and this week I did General Navigation. The two subjects I have struggled the most with, but by not giving up I managed to learn and understand these subjects as well. I just needed some more time to digest the material.

It feels surreal to cross the theoretical finish line after over one year with (almost) constantly studying. My shoulders and neck are in desperate need of a massage or two, so that is how I will celebrate.

The ATPL theory is hereby a closed chapter, and I am off from work for a while now, so I will go home during Christmas. Time to do fun stuff instead of studying polar curves, dead reckoning navigation, and the ground effect. I will make sure to go cross-country skiing, watch some more of the Crown, and last but not least, continue to wait patiently for the government to allow my boyfriend to cross the border. I have longed for this Christmas for months and finally, it is here.

Merry Christmas from me!


Tuesday I finished my third sitting and four more CAA exams are passed. Exhausted, relieved, and happy with my own performance. It feels good, even though I have the two remaining ones in mind. Now it is time to work harder than ever to pass those as well. I know I will find it difficult, but I also know I can do it.

The school is currently suffering huge capacity issues, which means that I will not be scheduled for flight lessons any time soon. Fortunately, I have got a part-time job, which was perfect timing right now. So besides exam preparations, I have plenty of time to work.

This fall turned out to be a bit different than expected, but one day at a time.


I have officially made it through ground school. Today was the last day of our ATPL classes. Aircraft General Knowledge, Performance, and Instrumentation are all done. In total 14 subjects are covered, and only some CAA exams left. Almost exactly one year since the first day at the academy.

The next CAA sitting will take place in September and should have been my last sitting. Regrettably, since I failed two exams during my very first sitting, I will use an extra sitting to re-do those. Anyhow, I will first focus on doing my best for AGK, PERF, OPS, and INST this time. It is a time for every purpose, I guess.

One year with a full-time theory schedule has been pretty exhausting and time-consuming. Still some time left before my exams, so I will not have to rush any preparations yet. First of all, I will enjoy some well deserved days off.

Tomorrow I will head to my second home, Gdansk. It has already been 7 months since last time, the pandemic combined with classes has made the commute a little fancy. Lucky to finally be able to go.

I am excited and very ready to continue this journey and learn how to fly for real. Fingers crossed for the weather this fall, and no more pandemics, please.


During the first week with AGK, we have studied landing gear, piston engines, airframes, hydraulics etc., which was a perfect opportunity to get to visit the hangar.

Friday we got a tour to take a closer look at the different parts. Very helpful to see real-life examples of all the small details we are taught in class. It fascinates me to learn about how everything is connected and that nothing is left to chance. A fun and a convenient day at school.

The coming week will be busy as it is already time for the first progress tests for this subject. Feels good to be back in the classroom. The final stage of theory lessons before it is time to fly.


After waiting for months, it was eventually time for CAA exams again. This sitting was originally scheduled in March, but then corona happened and the student life was paused for a while. Finally done and it feels good to close the never-ending second sitting chapter.

Now we are allowed back to school again for lessons in the three remaining subjects. Aircraft General Knowledge, Instrumentation, and Performace. And to be honest, everyday life is pretty underestimated. Fun to be back on track. 😄


Hello Sandefjord, it has been a while!

Little did I know when I packed my suitcase and flew over to mama on the 13th of March. This whole situation lasted a little longer than expected and it has already been two months since I left Sandefjord.

Norway is basically up and running again and hopefully, my school is soon to be as well. At least we have finally got confirmed our CAA exam dates. So in three weeks, I will sit for my block 2 exams originally planned in March. I cannot wait to be done and to be able to continue with the remaining subjects. Until then, exam preparations will be the main factor on my to-do list.

Happy about the time I got to spend with family but also very happy about being back to my own routines. Early mornings alone is quite underrated. Also, the May weather and the brighter evenings makes life a little easier.

Ready for action, ciao!


Easter is history and it is time to get back to business again.

The schools are slowly opening again here in Norway, but mostly for the youngest children. My flight school is apparently not one of them. It is hard to keep the required social distance in our classrooms, even harder in the aircraft and simulators, so we will not be able to get back yet. So far no ground school nor flight training.

In the meantime, we are making the most of it and will continue our distance learning for the coming weeks. Moving on to Aircraft General Knowledge and firstly, we will cover Electrics. Excited for the new subject, I think I will enjoy this one!

Hopefully we are slowly on our way back to normal now.


The Government has decided that Norway is in lockdown until after Easter (at least). This brings a lot of challenges for my flight school with regard to flight operations and ground school. Although, I feel like one of the lucky ones for currently having theory only. I can study and do my tasks at home.

Since my class was not able to sit for our CAA exams this time, we have proceeded with the lessons as per scheduled originally. Due to the virus outbreak, we are not allowed to physically go to school, and instead, we have started the new semester with distance learning.

We are following our instructors’ lessons through video presentations and we are given different tasks to finish for due times. The progress tests also continue as before but from home. A new situation both for students and instructors, but I think it is solved in a convenient manner.

On the other hand, I am lucky that I am a student right now compared with all airline employees laid off these days. The good news is, for each day passing, we are one day closer to get our lives back to normal. Stay home and take care ❤️


One year has passed since my initial medical examination and that means it is time to revalidate the certificate. I was supposed to have my medical check in Tønsberg, but as this COVID-19 situation appeared, I fortunately got a last-minute appointment here in Sandnes.

I started with filling out a standard form followed by blood and urine samples, balance exercises, eyesight/vision tests, blood pressure, weight and height. Pretty much a simplified version of the initial examination. I got some updated allergy medicines as well, so now I am prepared for spring and summer.

The check took about 1 hour and everything was fine. 3100 NOK poorer, good to go and certificate valid for one more year.